Jen McMillin


State Rep Candidate McMillin Demands Strong, Timely Farm Bill


Members of Congress should act quickly to develop a fair and strong farm bill, according to Jen McMillin, state representative candidate for the 101st. The current farm bill set to expire in September 2018.

“I will work to advocate to the Illinois congressional delegation to push for a fair deal for the citizens of the 101st. For generations, our members of Congress have been able to come together, seeing the need for both farmers and at-risk families, and develop a fair farm bill. The hardworking farmers in the Illinois 101st and across the heartland are sick and tired of Washington politicians playing games with their futures. We need a comprehensive Farm Bill now.”

Current efforts stalled after the defeat of the most recent draft in the House in May, and tensions are high with ongoing trade disputes with American allies.

“People in my district, especially farmers, already feel the effects of President Trump’s trade war in their wallets. We need the House to unite to create a farm bill that will provide stability and grow our economy.”

McMillin shared some vital aspects that farmers in the 101st need to be addressed in this year’s farm bill, including:

- A stronger safety net for farmers due to the fifty percent drop over the last five years in net farm income.

-Expansion of the crop insurance program by including coverage for crops that currently do not have access to the federal multi-peril insurance product.

- Effective conservation programs to support farmers in protecting our land and water while they supply U.S. food and fiber.

- Robust market access and fair markets for family farmers and ranchers which allows agriculture to support more than 21 million U.S. jobs.

- Strong nutrition programs to make sure our most vulnerable can afford to eat and feed their children.

-Programs to support the next generation of farmers to secure the food supply. Currently, farmers over 65 outnumber those under 35 by a margin of six to one.

Jen McMillin