Jen McMillin




This evening, State Representative candidate Jen McMillin challenged Republican nominee Dan Caulkins to two town hall-style debates, to be hosted in the location of his choosing.

“The voters in the 101st district need to know who they are voting for and where each of us stands on the issues,” said McMillin. “They deserve the chance to ask questions and hear our answers.”

Caulkins, the Republican nominee, has yet to attend any public forum, where anyone in the 101st district can attend and ask him any question. Instead, Caulkins has opted to only attend events with like-minded individuals and wealthy donors.

The letter reads as follows:

Dan Caulkins for Illinois State Representative

PO Box 6101

Decatur, IL 62524

Dear Mr. Caulkins:

As a mom that has made the hard decision to run for state representative, I am committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for my district. Since running, I have made it a priority to not only attend events, parades, and fundraiser but also seek the input of people in our district through local organizations’ endorsement processes and public forums. I believe that any voter in the 101st District deserves to ask me questions about the issues that matter to them. This is the standard to which all elected official should hold him or herself to.

I am clear about my positions and I always show people respect, whether they agree with

me or not. Therefore, 101st District voters should hear directly from us through two town hall-style debates with questions from actual district voters. I will leave the location of these debates to you, but I encourage you to choose a location central to the district and mindful of the size of the intended audience.

People in the 101st District deserve the same chance to ask you questions and hear your answers as they have consistently had with me. Because Illinoisans know Illinois best, all debates should be hosted by local a local media outlet and journalist. All debates should be aired on broadcast television, radio or streamed online to reach as many voters as possible.

My team stands ready to finalize details with your staff. Dave McEvers, Executive Director of the Macon County Democrats Central Committee will be the point of contact for these discussions. He can be reached at 217.415.0757 or

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jennifer “Jen” McMillin

Candidate for Illinois State Representative, 101st District

Jen McMillin