Jen McMillin


Preparing for a Crisis at Your Non-Profit

In every sector, at some point, a crisis will arise.  Chaos is inevitable, but your organization has a choice in how to respond to it.  Non-profit organizations, in my experience, are the least prepared for a crisis and usually understaffed in the communications department.  So, I've pulled together some resources to help - from identifying a crisis to addressing it on social media.  Please let me know if there are any other tools or information that your organization finds helpful!

General Information on Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication Plan Example - NIU

Non-Profit Crisis Communication Toolkit (PDF) - Colorado Nonprofit Association

7 essentials for crisis navigation - Ragan's PR Daily

Digital Media Response

Framing the Crisis in the Digital Environment (PDF) - University of Oklahoma

How to Respond to a Social Media Crisis - Social Media Examiner

Step-by-Step Guide to Handling a Crisis on Social Media - Huffington Post

Stakeholder Communication

Secrets to Stakeholder Communication During a Crisis - Cutting Edge PR

Involving Stakeholders in Change - KnowHow Nonprofit

Crisis Response Strategies, Stakeholders, and News Coverage (PDF) - University of Miami

Jen McMillin