In Remembering #Charlottesville

I feel like I’ve failed.  I feel like my country has failed me.  I encourage you to watch the video below, and see any good in the people that overtook a city in the name of hate, bringing guns, tear gas, and vitriol.

Yes, the 1st Amendment protects free speech.  However, when that speech moves into threatening violence and destruction, it overreaches and must be stopped.  And these groups knew that they were overreaching.  This is why they came armed with guns – to fight for their beliefs.

We cannot fail anymore people in this country.  For too long, we have allowed our leaders to encourage violence and hatred.  We must do better. We must be more like Heather Heyer, and Maxine Waters, and John McCain, and Martin Luther King, Jr.  We need to stand up to this hate, and rise above it.

I urge you to call your representatives and demand change.  Either the President needs to act like he represents all the people of the United States or he needs to leave office.  Our President needs to condemn hate and the creation of an ethno-state or he needs to leave office.

I urge you to put down your phones and connect with real people, listening to their story.  I urge you to either run for office or support a candidate that supports your beliefs.

I urge you find hope in your heart and move forward to a better country.  That’s what I’m trying hard to do this week.


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