Coming up for air.

After a very busy few weeks – I’ve now been immersed in the quagmire of US politics for the last week.  And then this morning, I saw this, posted by News & Guts – the news and media company started by Dan Rather.

N&G post 5.12.17

As an American – not as a Democrat or a Progressive or a Liberal – as an American this shakes me to my core.  The utter disdain of our President for the rules of law or the common decency of a former employer is shocking to me.

Many people, including myself have called for a special investigator or prosecutor to be appointed in this situation.  But as I listen to news and commentary – I realize that person would be appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, someone involved in this mess at the White House.

So, I anxiously await for the Senate investigation to move forward.  And I hope that both the Democrats and the Republicans will put country ahead of party to work towards the truth of this.  And in all actuality – even if the President’s campaign did not collude with Russian operatives during the campaign – we now have a President that has broken the law.  With his intimidation of James Comey – this is not a person we should have at the helm of our country.  He has proven unfit for office.  And I hope that Congress and the public (even those that voted for him) can see that.


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