Happy #Trypod Month!

It’s March!  I cannot believe it, but that’s what the calendar tells me.  And the Twitter folks tell me that it is also #Trypod month.  I’m a big fan of podcasts, and rely on them to get through my drive to and from work every day.  So today, I wanted to share with you my favorite podcasts, and why I listen.

Let’s start off right though – what is a podcast?  Essentially it is a series of audio files that you subscribe to and play on a media devices.  These “podcasts” started on the iPod devices, hence the name, but are now available on Apple, Android, and via the web.  I’m an Android user and get all my podcasts from Pocket Casts.

Why listen to podcasts?  For me, I enjoy the continuity of the stories.  I listen to in-depth reporting, or to weird stuff that sparks my imagination.  This includes:

Welcome to Nightvale – The epitome of weird in the best possible way.  This podcast takes awhile to get into, but now I’m hooked.  I want to know what is going on in that fictional city of Nightvale and hear from the All Powerful Glow Cloud.

NPR Politics – This is the thing that is keeping me sane since the presidential election.  The team from NPR helps to break down what is going on nationally in politics and put it into context for me in about 20 minutes per session.  And I know I can always trust NPR to give it to me straight.

Science Vs – As if listening just for Wendy Zukerman’s voice wasn’t enough, this podcast takes on myth and misconceptions in the science world.  I’ve learned a lot since listening, including about junk science in the courtroom.

Reveal – From the Center for Investigative Reporting, this is Reveal.  When I hear Al Letson’s voice, I just am excited.  I know that we are going to do a deep dive into an important issue.  My favorite episode so far was The man inside: Four months as a prison guard.  Go listen.  You will learn a LOT.

The other part that I like about podcasts is that it is a bite-sized way for me to explore new topics.  Today I added The Kibitz, a podcast about a Jewish man asking questions of his world.  We’ll see if it gets added to the long-term listen list.

So – in honor of #Trypod month – tell me what podcasts you listen to, or try out one of these, and let me know what you think.

Enjoy, and stay curious!


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