Setting Your Facebook Page Up for Success

Facebook Page

If you are like many successful businesses and nonprofits – you are already on Facebook.  It’s a great tool that already has many of your customers on it.  About 72% of adult internet users (62% of entire adult population) use Facebook.  So today, we want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your page.  Or, if you don’t have a page – talk about the basics you need to know to create a successful one!

Why do you need a Facebook page?

For both nonprofits and businesses, discovery and recognition is key to success.  So, since your customers and donors are on social media, they expect you to be as well.  This communication tool can list your hours, location, contact information as well as help you publicize events and promotions.  Facebook allows you to be timely to inquiries and complaints in a professional manner.  And, once you get started, you can learn a lot about your target audience through the Insights function.

Who do you want to reach?

Determining who you are talking to is an important step when setting up your Facebook page and social media plan.  For small businesses, you want to invite current customers to like your page, and share your information with their friends.  For nonprofits, you will want to target current donors as well as key funders.

What do you want to say?

Once you determine who to talk to, you need to figure out what to say.  First of all, be authentic.  Social media users have a low tolerance for fake profiles and useless information.  Be sure to strike a tone that fits your organization, and share what excites you and your sector.  If you sell men’s clothing, not only do you want to share a sale to customers, but ask them what new products they would like to see.  And through Facebook you can create and manage events to drive up engagement.

What’s next?

After you get your page set up, and start posting, you can use the Insights tab to figure out w
hat your audience likes.  Take what works and drop what doesn’t.  And if you are confident that you are ready – you can promote your business Facebook page, or use it to promote your website!


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