Meeting People Where They Are


Social media provides us with a wonderful opportunity to stay in touch in real-time with our customers, regardless of what industry we’re in.  Recently, an article on healthcare marketing and PR came across my desk – this person was able to translate a negative review into a positive scenario through the hospital’s social media response.

Many times in the non-profit or education sectors that I work in, my colleagues see social media as a throw-away tool.  Principals and executive directors are familiar with the basic underpinnings of Facebook and Twitter, but fail to see the usefulness of maintaining a responsive presence on social media.  By logging in and posting, a social media manager develops a rapport with readers, and is able to respond to direct messages in a timely manner.  Social media allows an organization to post articles that align with their mission, vision or work and help constituents visualize need and responsiveness.

And, the most important reason for social media marketing and PR is that an organization reaches it’s customers where they already are.  It is simple for a user to click “Like” or follow someone, and it’s that type of passive engagement that will develop future relationships.  What non-profit are millennial more likely to give to, one that they know about from a variety of sources and connect to, or one that they see once or twice a year?

For more information, or questions about your organization’s social media marketing, contact me through email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


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