Hooking a Reader on Social Media

Social media has become more cutthroat as it has evolved; more services, more information, and more users are vying for readers. To combat the information blitz, more social media managers have found success in using images to supplement information and links. This helps to highlight your post, drawing more attention than a simple text and hyperlink post. And most social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, show the attached photo in the information stream.

However, many non-profits and small business don’t have the marketing dollars to outsource photo editing or the software to do it in-house. One of my favorite workarounds is an online photo-editing service – Pixlr. This simple service allows for quick editing without the need to download software or pay for a third-party to edit.  Let’s use an example:

2014-10-04 14.32.20

Let’s assume we are writing about a children’s event for Halloween. This photo is not bad straight from the camera, but it could use a few things.

2014-10-04 14 edits

After uploading my original photo to the Pixlr Express site, I quickly auto corrected the brightness and contrast, sharpened the image, and added text. Within five minutes, I had saved a new version of the image back to my computer. This photo can now be attached to a social media post with a link to the event advertisement or a blog post.

When adding photos to your social media accounts, you’ll want to keep the following in mind:

  • Do I have the rights to use the picture? 
  • Does the photo complement the information I’m sharing?
    • i.e. Photo of a man with a shovel for a gardening post
  • Should I add text to my photo?
    • Research shows that images with text have a higher click-through and conversion rate, but text probably isn’t appropriate for on-site sharing at events
  • Have I shared this photo before?
    • Keep your photos and content fresh; if people see the same content multiple times, the click-through rate declines significantly.

And if you are unfamiliar with photo-editing, Pixlr is great way to learn some basic skills. It allows you to crop, change contrast, and add images by simply pointing and clicking.


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